Online Branding Architecture [Hollywood Entertainment Center]

During my time at Kuvera Partners (parent company of the world-famous Hollywood Wax Museum) I served as chief architect and strategist for a new branded website.


Kuvera had multiple “Entertainment Center” brands and locations with different web addresses. For customers and investors, this lack of cohesive branding and clear definition online was confusing. For Kuvera, this structure was not scalable and difficult to maintain.


Establish a cohesive Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center brand and reinforce that brand on a local level so that guests could easily find the location closest to their vacation destination.


I suggested we create a single branded website to serve as the “house of brands.” Under that umbrella, each location with its respective brands could flourish. Each Entertainment Center would have its own “microsite” which would be heavily SEO’d to show up on local searches.



Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.28.45 PM